Notice of Temporary Mask Requirement

Good evening, Bobcats. Tonight the Brethren’s Board of Education met for a
special meeting regarding the increased cases of positive covid-19, which
have placed several students and staff into quarantine. If cases continue
to rise, the board of education is very concerned about the quality of
education that can be delivered to students who will not have access to
their teachers while not attending school.

To try to prevent future quarantines, and to slow down the positive cases
throughout the school community, the board of education voted to approve a
temporary mask policy. While in the building and within six feet of
another individual, masks will be required for all students, staff, and
visitors, regardless of vaccination status through September 24th. At the
end of the temporary mask mandate, the school board will look at our
quarantine data to determine if the policy can return to a recommendation,
or if masks need to continue to be required.
Our temporary mask policy begins tomorrow, September 8th. Masks will be
available for students who do not have one. If a medical condition
prevents your child from wearing a mask, please provide a doctor’s note to
the main office.

This was a very difficult decision for our school board. We appreciate
their willingness to make the tough decisions that are in the best interest
of our children. Thank you to our families and community members for your
continued support.
If you missed any of this message, please visit KND Schools Facebook page.
This information will be included on the website as soon as possible.

Thank you and have a good night.

Jake Veith
KND Schools: 231-477-5355

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