Welcome to KND Elementary

K-12 Vision and Mission

Vision: KND students will develop the relationships, skills, and knowledge necessary to achieve personal success as confident, responsible, and productive citizens.

Mission: At the KND School District, our mission is to provide a high quality and meaningful education to meet the needs of all students. By maintaining a safe and encouraging learning environment, we build relationships which provide social and emotional support. Students are given the tools to build the character necessary to excel in this technologically advanced world, become contributing members of society and lifelong learners. This mission is achieved through the collaboration of school, home, and community, which fosters our identity as a small school, big family.


The elementary school encourages and welcomes parental involvement for the betterment of education. This can be accomplished in many ways such as volunteering in the classrooms, special projects or parent groups. Parents or guardians are offered an opportunity to choose various educational programs for their children offered by the school district. Newsletters and calendars of events are sent home throughout each month informing our families of special activities to attend.

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