MS/HS Staff Directory

MS/HS Staff Directory

Cheryl Smith
K-12 Principal
ext 2210

Cheryl Schaefer
MS/HS Secretary
ext 2211

Jennifer Schmidt
Dean of Students
ext 2224

Jason Kemler
Athletic Director
ext 2254

JJ Randall
Guidance Counselor
ext 2204
placeholder image for Tina Chapman

Tina Chapman
Title I Director
ext 2205

Phil Kroll
RTP Room
ext 2212

Andy Amstutz
Environmental Science

Kirsten Amstutz
English 9, 11, 12
Dual Enrollment - English Comp 1

Lacey Veith
English 7, 8, 10

Jason Kemler
History 7/8
Physical Education 7, HS
Lifetime Fitness

Kyle Griffin
Math 7/8
Algebra 1
World History

Emily Griffin
History 8
Current Events
U.S. History
World History

Amanda Mobley
Art 7/8
Intro to Art
Art History
Media Design
Art Exploration
Art Studio
Adv. Art Studio

Brenna Richardson
MS/HS Band

Julie Riggs
RR Support 7/8
Physical Education 7/8
Lifetime Fitness
Academic Support

Mitchell Knoll
Algebra 2
Applied Math
Consumer Math

Pam Papenfuss
Special Education

Jim Wojo
Science 7/8
Earth Science
Applied Science

Amber DeGayner

Amanda Brown

Magaret Patterson
Credit Recovery

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