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About Us

“It is our mission to help learners of all ages to develop the skills to succeed.”

District Profile

  • KND is located in the eastern half of Manistee county. It is located 20 minutes from Lake Michigan. It is approximately 25 miles east of Manistee and 35 miles west of Cadillac. Its area is covered in a wilderness setting with many natural features including the Big and Little Manistee Rivers, the Manistee National Forest, the Pine River, and Bear Creek. 
  • Our district covers over 350 square miles, yet we have less than 1,000 students K-12. Due to the large size of our district many of our bus drivers log almost 100 miles a day! 
  • The name Kaleva Norman Dickson is a combination of the three townships in the district. 
  • KND was originally 10 (?) separate, small rural school districts. These districts were combined in 1963 to form the present district. 
  • The actor James Earl Jones is a graduate of Dickson High School (Brethren High School before all the small districts were combined). 
  • Brethren, the centrally located community in the school district, was settled in the late 1800s by people mainly from Ohio and Indiana, all members of the Church of the Brethren. 
  • The KND area is one of the top pickle-producing regions in the state.
  • There are about 582 students in the entire school district (as of 10/2/2012).
  • There are 275 students at KND Elementary School (as of 10/2/2012). 
  • There are 142 students at Brethren Middle School (as of 10/2/2012) . 
  • There are 165 students at Brethren High School (as of 10/2/2012).

Contact Us

Mailing Address

4400 North High Bridge Rd.
Brethren, MI  49619 

Telephone Numbers

231-477-5355 District Offices, Elementary, Middle/High School
231-477-5545 KND Transportation & Maintenance Facility (Bus Garage)

Fax Numbers

231-477-5240 Superintendent & Administration Offices
231-477-5351 KND Elementary School/Brethren Middle/High School
231-477-5565 KND Transportation & Maintenance Facility (Bus Garage)
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