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Sleighbell Parade

posted Dec 7, 2015, 6:02 AM by Chad VanderHenst

Hello parents,
It is time to prepare for the Sleighbell parade in Manistee on Saturday, December 5. The parade will be televised again on cable and local channels. More information to follow. There will be a bus leaving Brethrn. The parade lineup time is 4:30 pm.  It takes off at 5:30pm  You can pick up your student at the end of River St. by the fountain and the funeral home.  Students need to wear all black clothing, black coats are fine.  I have some sweatshirts to lend out plus we have lots of black dress pants. Please make sure they layer up because it can be very windy and bitter out there. We will be wearing Santa hats and green scarves which I will be providing,  bring your own Santa hat if you have one. This is going to count for the midterm exam grade. Participating will be 100 points.

Middle School Solo And Ensemble

posted Dec 7, 2015, 6:01 AM by Chad VanderHenst

First Division Ratings:
Ryan Biller, Kaia Richardson, Lauryn Cook, Erica Feller, Grace Adams, Claire Ball, and Summer Young

Second Divivion Ratings:
Charlee Hicks, Alandria Agster, Alexis Tracy, Rhiannon Gillis, Angelina Jolicoeur, David Picard, Lauryn Cook, and Alexis Tracy, Erica Feller

Middle School Solo And Ensemble

Honors Band (December 8):
Ryan Biller- Bari Saxophone 
Summer Young- Flute 
Kaia Richardson- French Horn
Clare Ball- Trumpet
Grace Adams- Trumpet 

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